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My first solo album with guests, "The Rock'n Logic Liberation"

Indie Labels: WISE LOGIC LIBERATE Studios; Punk Rock Fable Productions


released September 16, 2013

Genre: Electronic/Experimental Rock

Content: mild language

Phillip Bortner (Me Wise Magic): Lead & backing vocals, spoken word vocals, cowbell, percussion, synthesizers, sound effects,
guitars, guitar slide, ukulele, music (guitar, bass, drum fills, strings, synth, added instrumentation) programming, sampling,
editing music, art, lyric sheets, mixing with overdubs, lyrics (Awaken.. & Far Out Plane), concept, and lead production

Programs/Sites: Oscillicious Audio Labs SodaSynth & JamDeck, AudioSauna Studio, Google Chrome, MS Paint, Autodesk 3DsMax 2010, YouTube, Soundcloud
Copyright © Oscillicious 2011 - 2013
AudioSauna is proudly produced by Naive Solutions | Copyright © 2011 - 2012 | All rights reserved

FL Studio 10, 10.9 (trial version demos) music programming, production, instrument samples

For recording, mixing & editing: MS Sound Recorder, FL Studio, Audacity, Music Editor Free 9.5.1, Samson USB mic, Gigaware web cam
Copyright (C) 2006-2012 MEFSoftware.

Featuring "The Rock'n Logic Liberation" :

PhantomSpartan (Moe Wilson) -"Cowbell #500" (music programming, FL Studio production, editing, samples, effects, and spoken word vocals), "Cowbell Surfin'" (new album version), (music programming, percussion, editing, production)

Song from the album, "Tales of the Opera House" by PhantomSpartan.

Also featured on the tracks: "Calling", "That Chick" (drums, effects, percussion), recording on various session work demos, album & music support, feedback, and promotion.

Nick Allen Thomas - Lead & backing vocals, programming, track mixing, overdubs, and production ("The Old Wise Rock Blaster")

Venus Lilith (Neheah Moss) - lyrics ("The Old Wise Rock Blaster"), production, lyrics ("That Chick, Loneliness Has A Hold On Me"), feedback, music support, and promotion.

Ashley Wright - Lead vocals, recording, and production ("That Chick, Loneliness Has A Hold On Me"), music feedback, and backing vocals ("Head Space")

Colene Rose Abaldo- single cover art designer and model ("That Chick, Loneliness Has A Hold On Me")

Sean Link-tuning ukulele assistance, feedback, and support

Jazlynn Sylver-spoken word background vocals ("Calling, Voices of the Internet"), album production ideas

Raymond Hughley-spoken word background vocals ("Calling, Voices of the Internet")

Original album cover art design created by: Holly Knowland

Audio sources (sampling):

Me Wise Magic (song) - Van Halen (1996, Warner Bros. records, 5150 Studios), "Inspiration for alias/solo project name, samples"

Spongebob Squarepants - Patrick Star audio. Show owned by Viacom, Stephen Hillenberg, Viacom, and Nickelodeon Studios

Catscratch (TV show, 2005) Audio clip from Episode 4 - Tale of a Tail featuring Rob Paulson and Maurice LaMarche
Show owned by Doug TenNapel, Viacom, and Nickelodeon Studios

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV show 2005- ) Charlie Day "Wild Card" audio clip. TV show owned by FX Networks.

VH1: Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult (SNL skit) - Christopher Walken audio. TV show owned by SNL Studios & NBC networks.

Tekken 3 Official Soundtrack: Nina Williams Stage Music by Keiichi Okabe

Army of Darkness (Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Universal, Danny Elfman & Joseph LoDuca, 1993)

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993, Jaleel White, DiC)

Resident Evil intro (video game audio, Capcom, 1996), "Inspired by Phelan Porteous; Phelous"

Gran Torino (2008, Clint Eastwood, Warner Bros.)

*Material recorded through 2011-2013*

Thank you all for downloading and listening to these tunes. I don't own any of the outsourced media samples that are featured. Please check them out; so these people get their fair credit. More feedback would be nice to help for the near future. Spread the word around the internet and outside the virtual networks. God bless!

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe out there! Peace & Love!!

- Phil

Independent Production Studio Labels:


Punk Rock Fable Productions (Produced & Owned by Venus "Neheah" Lilith Moss, "Venus Axe & The Flytraps")



all rights reserved


Me Wise Magic Waldorf, Maryland

Hey I'm Phil and I deal with producing experimental rock, heavy metal, remixes, and electronic music. Check out the new album and single tunes uploaded here for download. Appreciate the support very much! Songs, demos, and updates are available on: Google Docs, Soundcloud, Reddit, and my Twitter.

Logo design and photos by: @xElectricMouse, @thehobbitess, and House Revenge Productions

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Track Name: The Old Wise Rock Blaster
The Old Wise Rock Blaster (Lyrics by Neheah “Venus Lilith” Moss, Music & Edits by Me, Lead Vocals & Production by Nick Thomas)

"Dumb down the violence, it’s alright. (X2) It’s just another story page!! Patriotic insurance, you gotta have endurance. Once the blood rises, tell another lie. Make sure you have the people on your side. But if that doesn't work for you, take a minute to kick on that old rock blaster, hit it & shake it real cool.
(Screams, Whoa Woo!!)
Idiotic dipshits... Hey! They can't tell the difference. But get wise, get so wise or they'll take advantage of your pride, then put your decency aside.
(Instrumental Pause)
I want you (I want you) and your stupidity.
I want you (I want you) and your devious deeds. (Short scat during these verses)
I want you and your devious deeds...
Cause it’s just another story page!!
“Dark energy approaching!" ..("Cuts off") “Let’s Rock!!”
Come over here, come on out,' cause this is how the game plays out. Sell your soul; it’s a roll of the dice. Just another little wicked vice. Plaster your face on that printed wall, this outta make them stall. But if that doesn't work for you, here's baby what you can do. Kick on that old wise rock blaster, shake it, shake it, ooh shake it & sing it real cool!!"

(Synth and programmed instrumentation mix end)
Track Name: That Chick, Loneliness Has A Hold On Me
Lyrics by: Neheah “Venus Lilith” Moss, Music, Vocals, & Edits by: Me, Lead Vocals: Ashley Wright

That Chick,
I hear you singing your same tune, spare me.
I hear you singing your same old tune, but what are you after? What more can you take?!
Thought you were fair, yet now you're so unwanted. Guess you made a big mistake!
I guess I was so lonely... Whoa! (X2)
March came on a snow day.
Bringing a sense of humanity, but we didn’t take the bait.
I couldn’t help feel I should've, ooh should've did you wrong.
Cause with every change of the weather, kept you further away from me.
So now I'm singing my same old song, but what am I after?
(That chick, loneliness got a hold on me…oohh)
You said you loved me, and I fell for your scheme.
Twisted lover, cutting me open. Exposing my insecurities, & yours, oh and yours!
I guess you too got lonely... Ooh…
(That chick, loneliness got a hold on me…oohh).

(“Acoustic guitar strumming along, organ synth bits, sound effects, and percussion ends the track”)
Track Name: Awaken My Thoughts Even When I'm Sleeping
Awaken my thoughts, before I tread off to rest my head. So much to do, so much to say...!

Don't want to forget, don't want to repress, just want to let my dreams flow beyond my rest.

I sleep to recharge my mind and body and also for another day to come in the process.

Rethinking ideas and taking a step back will only further delay.

Don't let feelings of the past lead me astray. Take that feedback and let them flourish in a new way.

Let my mind wander and figure out it's mistakes in my own time.

Staying up till 3AM may not sound like a ideal concept for most; but it has led to my inspiration to post.

Make it genre-less, make it fun, not complex. Be myself while I'm awake or at rest.

Awaken my thoughts, even when I sleep. So much to do, so much to say...!